Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Love Affair for Haiti......

Our adventure has begun and will take 'flight" this Friday morning quite literally.
to all those in blog land my story begins back in January when an Earthquake hit an already devastated and impoverished country... Haiti. I knew of Haiti's history of bad luck before the earthquake. but that day the lord put some kinda fire in my heart and my spirit wasn't gonna rest until i was following him to where he was leading. I actually had a very loud conversation with god and it went something like this... "what, Lord, you want this Lil stay at home mother of 4 just to hop a plane and leave my family to go where?" "what are you crazy? what could I possibly have to give? and all the preparation and the expense and sense of safety".
but the more i questioned and watched the news the more the lord spoke and poked and prodded at my heart and soul. Now that i was over the initial shock of gods work for me. I was excited. I wanted to share my excitement with my family and friends. let me just say this... not everyone was as excited as me. but lucky for me I've never been one to back down on something just because its not socially acceptable.
"now whats next Lord' i asked.... ahhhh a passport. yikes.,... those are pricey. but i was blessed and was given passport money for my bday in Feb.
I then got a call from a good friend who is equally in-love with Haiti and she asked if i was interested in going with them (a team from our church) that march! whats so cool was that was the first she really knew of my passion. God again just poking at my heart again.
well i got on board, unfortunately that trip was put on hold. I was devastated.... because "no lord, I said, you put this on me, you sent this trip to me, this is what you wanted me to do" I cried.and i have my passport and I started learning Creole!
well things happen for a reason. A wise lady said that God is in control and i need to have faith. That god has something in store. that he is opening up doors for something. Faith I thought... is that the lesson I'm suppose to learn.?
That was March.... somewhere in June I believe i got an email about a team being put together for another mission trip to Sonlight Christian academy in Port Au Pa ix Haiti in Sept. I didn't even think i jumped! sign me up. Now the cool thing about this....The Wise woman i told you about ....she was right.Something amazing happened... My husband jumped on board. and said he wanted to share in this adventure and experience that "fire" i had. He wanted to go where he was called.
The lord blessed me for my faithfulness in some very trying times since the first trip was postponed.... what a lot of people don't know was that my marriage was almost over. I believe God has used this experience to serve in Haiti as a way to teach me faithfulness. I believe that I was not able to go on the first trip because god merely just planted that seed that there is a need there to show gods love. I believe he was waiting so that my husband and I can go together and get a good Ole dose of reality. We leave for Haiti this Friday. Sept. 17 and I cant be more happier to be sharing this trip with my husband and good friends.I believe that through the people we are gonna cross in Haiti Im gonna find out what really matters in life. I believe that im gonna find a new love in my husband and that the faithful are rewarded.
I started out with a mindset back in Jan... that I was going to save Haiti. :) but what God is showing me everyday.... That Haiti is gonna save me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello can anyone hear me? Checking Checking ONE TWO THREE?
I need help blog land. I need a blog makeover... WHo wants to help me? please any takers?
I will fill you with great company and lots of coffee as my bribe for coming and helping.
come on... you all know you want to come by and help me revamp this blog.... because I have no clue where to begin or end.
very mucho thanks,
-this really messy mama