Monday, June 1, 2009

Just another Manic Monday!

Happy Monday! Im ready to show you my finished project window hanging thingy that i posted pic of Friday but first i wanted to show you that even I have and know how to work a glue gun.... Meet Tiny Tim.... and yes my lil glue gun has a name! simple lampshade i had with leftover accent ribbon and chandalier crystal (hard to see in pic,,, sorry) but anyhoo I heated up Tiny Tim and clued that ribbon right on.
Taa Daa!!! After Pic.......
Here is my new and revamped Old window message station. My hubby taught me how to use the drill last night... Oh watch out I'm armed and loaded now! as you can see i updated the paint color to a Taupe color, added Chalkboard contact paper to the panes of glass i wanted.... I added some cute goodwill pedestal bowls to the holes Mr. Brad put in for flower pots.... staple gunned some hanging ribbon in Chocolate brown and a pattern that corridinates. as you can see i clipped clothes pins decorated with ribbon and chip board so that we can clip bills, school papers, notes, etc... up to the board. and yes this is the lamp you saw the quick update to the shade above. I plan on using the bowls for chalk and such... the moss ball i made myself and i have them everywhere in my house along with the cool numbers.... my oldest daughter's friend was here last evening and she was like "mrs. Lauren whats with all the numbers around the house? It's like they are following me or something, everywhere I turn there is another number..." HAHAHA I could only think about when Eve said that was.... the episode of sesame street where the numbers chased the monster! anyone remember that one? LOL
so anyways here is my finished message station. Thank you Susan for the awesome window. and i think i should give you some Waverly Curtains in exchange and to show my gratitude (note the chalkboard word in my pic) Have a great Manic Monday and to show Im a Manic Monday type person Im off to see The Duggar Family from TLC at my church tonight. yes Im a crazy person!