Friday, May 29, 2009

man im feeling Imperfect today

my new centerpiece for a really boring area above my entertainment center. i took a wire basket thingy, old mail, some moss balls and tied it all up with vintage measuring tape (which i got free from a sweet old man at a yard sale... the perks of smiling at the elderly)... and ouilla!
Imperfection couldnt be lovelier.... thanks nester for the quote.

so many projects, so little time!

Today I decided to start my project list!

This particular project has high expectations and "oh my do i hope i do you proud Susan Hammond!"

This window was given to me by one of my most favorite thrifty friends! Her wonderful husband crafted this ledge/pot hot holder and attached it too an old window. ( thank you MR. Brad!)

I will post the finished project as soon as it is hung in place in my Nest.... it's new home.... Thank you Susan. You can check out Susan's awesome blog at.....

More goodies....

Please friends dont be jealous of my great treasures. :) I am going to tell you where i got them. now you locals can stop on by to my new favorite weekend retreat. Its on Middlebranch past Easton before Diamond Rd. Slow down, be quick, or you might drive right on by the "home sweet home". No really thats its name! It's my needle in a haystack find (thank you Lisa for such an invigorating find). This wonderful store is only open on Fridays and Sat. from 9-4....

Please stop in a pay the lovely owners your patronage!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool swirly birds!!!

Ok I thought I had it all untill i found this cool website. Now i know that there is more I need to make my home complete. and that is some swirly birds ( i love) and a really cool bicycle

friends i have to tell you about a neat wall art website i ran across today( lewas desins)... as if I had nothing else to be doing but jumping around checking out others decorating blogs.......... i saw this and thought i would share it with you. the website is and i love the birds that she has created!!! check her out. also the one i am going to purchase is the awesome Bicycle wall art shown going down a stair case. check out her Blog and website Now! did i say yet that i love the swirly birds?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just some more pics of our thomas train day.

A day spent with Tommy!

what a fun day we had at Boston Mills with our really good friends and the boys! we got to ride on the real "Tommy" as Trent would say! Man did we have some fun memories.... the boys getting their first tattoos, seeing a really creepy looking Sir Topham Hat, Trent throwing a huge fit because he was not able to actually get on the train tracks, Charlie's nose picking on the train (classic) and finally ended up our amazing day eating lunch at "Linking Wizard".... Wink wink!

"Enter all and I will give you rest"

Sunday, May 10, 2009



COURTYARD MAKEOVER ,Happy Mothers day present to me, PART 1


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Yard Sale Treasures

One Man's trash is my Bliss!!!

so I'm on my way to run an errand and I get totally distracted by a Yard sale sign down the road from two smallest children screaming in the back seat" yes a yard sale mommy turn the car around" ( so proud to be their mom, I have taught them well). off the beaten path we went. Here is a snap shot or two of what i found. then I will tell you how much I paid.....

OK ready for the final price for my bounty? ("I'm ready, I'm ready" -spongebob)


-yes, for all of it! I paid - .50 cents for the old chair( one of my many new redo projects in the future. -$1.00 for the antique chandelier (see close up shot... gorgeous and perfect for my old house!)

I also paid only .50 cents again for the wire basket/planter.

and my son got his own jeep (just like his Poppi (my daddy) I paid more than i wanted to but hey i got the power wheels minus battery for only $2.

Man i am not a patient girl by nature. but the more the holy spirit has led me to be more patient, the blessing sure have flown. I say this because I'm a instant gratification type. It has been so gratifying to yard sale and goodwill hunting to have this lesson taught to me. I have been able to find most of what I want for my house and what my kids want without giving into the debt trap to provide it for them.

I love to see how a little lesson in patience has created so much Bliss in my manor!!