Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its begining to look alot like christmas....

So I have been feeling quite blue lately. ok not Blue but straight up depressed. life is very dishearting for me right now. so I thought maybe it would make me feel like not hiding under a rock if i shared a little sparkle DIY project I just finished up today.

I cannot take credit for this crafty thing... so im linking you up to the wonderful ladies at eighteen25 that inspires me on a pretty much daily basis. plus ive been so yucky and boring lately that i didnt even take before/during process pics... so this link will take you to their tutorial. enjoy....... http://eighteen25.blogspot.com/2010/11/glitter-trees.html

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Favorite T-shirt turned cute wall art

my Tweenager has some of the cutest tshirts from stores like aeropostale and American Eagle and I just love this one. well story on this shirt is that it keeps ending up in the laundry room.... and its still folded and clean... i asked" honey why arent you wearing this so cute shirt anymore and keep hiding it in the laundry?' tweenager says.... " ohhh mom your so not with it.... I dont wear cute stuff anymore"!!! ahhhhhh as if...... so I became the proud owner of a "too cute" Tee!

Supplies needed (all should be things found around your house... FREE DIY):

*old frame

*paint color of choice

*"cute" fav Tshirt

*trusty hot glue gun

*embelishments.... buttons,ribbons,chipboard cutouts, etc

I laid out the shirt as flat as possible. and took the back of frame and traced it on the solid portion of shirt ie... the extra spot below emblem wanting to frame.

My outlined background

ready to cutout.

Cut out the objects of choice on your shirt .

this is my layout with embelishments.... this is where you mix and match and really show off your creative side. I chose words that emphasize our family values. they are made out of chipboard that I already had from a scrapbooking kit.

Taaa DAaaa!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Foo-Foo fall tree...

ok so here is another decor project that I was suppose to do last year at this time. and once again just finsihed. check mark it off the list. :) My mom and I saw these feather boa tree thingys at Hobby Lobby last year at halloween but in black (which was super cute but super expensive). so mom found these chocolate brown boas on clearance and bought me some, since I love that color. and told me to knock myself out making the trees because we all know me and Im cheap... which means I will never pay retail for decor.

Supplies needed for Foo-Foo feather tree:
1-styrofoam tree thingy
2-3 feather boas (any color you want)
Trusty Hot glue gun with lots of glue sticks.
and candlestick siting around your house screaming for a pillar candle to sit atop (emphasis mine) that never seems to find a mate.

See simple... supplies right?

Just start at the top and glue around the styrofoam in a swirl pattern pressing the boa and repeat till you get to the bottom.

I would hold my tree upside down and blow on the feathers as I only have two hands and one had the tree and the other was trying to work the glue gun and wrap the boa around. could not move existing feathers out of way for next layer of hot glue. :) that little hint is free. and helps move the already glued feathers out of the way so you can get the hot glue on the styrofaom versus ontop of upper layer of feathers.

Finished Fall Tree but looked way to boring and
I was not at all satisfied so I added a lonesome but beautiful
Candlestick to the base....................................

and the perfect match found a perfect spot on one of my fireplace mantels.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

my spooky mantle

Im linking this post to...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My heart was left in Haiti

My heart was left in Haiti I feel like. We have been home for 2 weeks now... and I still wake up with a sharp pain where my heart was. And I cant help but think Its gone missing.....I firmly believe that if you looked out over the Ocean from the shore of Port De Paix,Haiti you just my find my heart. I believe if you looked in the eyes of the 27 3rd graders I insantly fell in love with at Sonlight Academy ( http://sonlightministries.org ), You will find my heart. I bet if you were standing on the side of the mountain in La Pointe over looking the town of Port De Paix. You would see my heart there too. Visit the Childrens hospital there ( http://houseofhopehaiti.blogspot.com ) and yep you guessed it.... My heart was left there. What does this mean when you wake up everyday feeling God speaking to you from somewhere else? Somewhere your not but should be? I need to be back there.Why do I need to be back there? well because there the people are just happy to be given another day. and here we find it hard to find happiness in anything... WHy do we put so much pressure on ourselves to have the best, be the best? what happened to the sense of community? THere in Haiti the children have nothing. and here our children have more than enough and yet are jonesing for the next bigger and better thing. never taking the time to just enjoy being a kid.

I cant wait to go back to Haiti and visit or (who knows.... even stay) where my heart is.

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts. And continually keep my friends in Haiti, at sonlight Academy and House of Hope (located at the childrens hospital) in your daily thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Love Affair for Haiti......

Our adventure has begun and will take 'flight" this Friday morning quite literally.
to all those in blog land my story begins back in January when an Earthquake hit an already devastated and impoverished country... Haiti. I knew of Haiti's history of bad luck before the earthquake. but that day the lord put some kinda fire in my heart and my spirit wasn't gonna rest until i was following him to where he was leading. I actually had a very loud conversation with god and it went something like this... "what, Lord, you want this Lil stay at home mother of 4 just to hop a plane and leave my family to go where?" "what are you crazy? what could I possibly have to give? and all the preparation and the expense and sense of safety".
but the more i questioned and watched the news the more the lord spoke and poked and prodded at my heart and soul. Now that i was over the initial shock of gods work for me. I was excited. I wanted to share my excitement with my family and friends. let me just say this... not everyone was as excited as me. but lucky for me I've never been one to back down on something just because its not socially acceptable.
"now whats next Lord' i asked.... ahhhh a passport. yikes.,... those are pricey. but i was blessed and was given passport money for my bday in Feb.
I then got a call from a good friend who is equally in-love with Haiti and she asked if i was interested in going with them (a team from our church) that march! whats so cool was that was the first she really knew of my passion. God again just poking at my heart again.
well i got on board, unfortunately that trip was put on hold. I was devastated.... because "no lord, I said, you put this on me, you sent this trip to me, this is what you wanted me to do" I cried.and i have my passport and I started learning Creole!
well things happen for a reason. A wise lady said that God is in control and i need to have faith. That god has something in store. that he is opening up doors for something. Faith I thought... is that the lesson I'm suppose to learn.?
That was March.... somewhere in June I believe i got an email about a team being put together for another mission trip to Sonlight Christian academy in Port Au Pa ix Haiti in Sept. I didn't even think i jumped! sign me up. Now the cool thing about this....The Wise woman i told you about ....she was right.Something amazing happened... My husband jumped on board. and said he wanted to share in this adventure and experience that "fire" i had. He wanted to go where he was called.
The lord blessed me for my faithfulness in some very trying times since the first trip was postponed.... what a lot of people don't know was that my marriage was almost over. I believe God has used this experience to serve in Haiti as a way to teach me faithfulness. I believe that I was not able to go on the first trip because god merely just planted that seed that there is a need there to show gods love. I believe he was waiting so that my husband and I can go together and get a good Ole dose of reality. We leave for Haiti this Friday. Sept. 17 and I cant be more happier to be sharing this trip with my husband and good friends.I believe that through the people we are gonna cross in Haiti Im gonna find out what really matters in life. I believe that im gonna find a new love in my husband and that the faithful are rewarded.
I started out with a mindset back in Jan... that I was going to save Haiti. :) but what God is showing me everyday.... That Haiti is gonna save me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello can anyone hear me? Checking Checking ONE TWO THREE?
I need help blog land. I need a blog makeover... WHo wants to help me? please any takers?
I will fill you with great company and lots of coffee as my bribe for coming and helping.
come on... you all know you want to come by and help me revamp this blog.... because I have no clue where to begin or end.
very mucho thanks,
-this really messy mama