Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oops. forgot the After Pic....

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Ahhh.... A sense of accomplishment and pride in a project well done as a team with my Hubby and his trusty drill. Thank you honey for putting up with all my trash to treasure adventures.

I have had this space in my Great Room between two huge windows that has just been a pain to decorate or do anything with. I have been collecting these old frames for a year (and seeing so many framed projects in blog land) and finally finding the last one in my daughters room. I love birds... everything birds... my husband and close friends laugh at me and call me the cookcoo lady... but anyways i don't care. so I found these awesome birds at cracker barrel after Christmas (yes, they are huge ornaments) for 75% off. so I bought them all. Another fav. of mine is Anthropology..... so I took myself and a friend to my not so local store and found these 3 cabinet knobs there at yes.... 75% off! Finally some spray paint to a few frames... that I purchased at my all time local favorite shop.... HOME SWEET HOME (on Middlebranch, for y'all locals. Tell Susan the sweet owner that Lauren sent you and blogged her shop... yes brownie points) and some ribbon and my Hot handy man (no gals I don't rent him out.) and Finally my Great Room eyesore of wall is beautiful and loved.

PS... I really stink at uploading and arranging my blog page... so I apologize for the length, just keep scrolling down and you will find all the pics... sorry.

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Remember Me.... lol

yeah I know its been almost a whole year since my last blog update.... OOPS! its been a long year for sure. With that said... I finally finished a project that I have been collecting pieces for and with the help of my hubster.... It got done. so with much ado Im gonna upload the pics so you can share with me in my feeling of accomplishment. One project down.... a million more to go.