Sunday, October 10, 2010

My heart was left in Haiti

My heart was left in Haiti I feel like. We have been home for 2 weeks now... and I still wake up with a sharp pain where my heart was. And I cant help but think Its gone missing.....I firmly believe that if you looked out over the Ocean from the shore of Port De Paix,Haiti you just my find my heart. I believe if you looked in the eyes of the 27 3rd graders I insantly fell in love with at Sonlight Academy ( ), You will find my heart. I bet if you were standing on the side of the mountain in La Pointe over looking the town of Port De Paix. You would see my heart there too. Visit the Childrens hospital there ( ) and yep you guessed it.... My heart was left there. What does this mean when you wake up everyday feeling God speaking to you from somewhere else? Somewhere your not but should be? I need to be back there.Why do I need to be back there? well because there the people are just happy to be given another day. and here we find it hard to find happiness in anything... WHy do we put so much pressure on ourselves to have the best, be the best? what happened to the sense of community? THere in Haiti the children have nothing. and here our children have more than enough and yet are jonesing for the next bigger and better thing. never taking the time to just enjoy being a kid.

I cant wait to go back to Haiti and visit or (who knows.... even stay) where my heart is.

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts. And continually keep my friends in Haiti, at sonlight Academy and House of Hope (located at the childrens hospital) in your daily thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Its beautiful that you visited and still feel a strong connection there. Follow your heart always....God has a plan for us all and he will lead you. I respect that your post was on this subject


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