Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring sprung again

Here is some more spring inspriration for ya! and my Audrey filling up the birdfeeder. one of her jobs. which she loves!
I really was thinking this morning How wonderful life really is. I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything from the school pickup line to "what to make for supper" that I forget myself and the " growth" I earn for as a christian. I recently picked up my passion for decorating or well I should say "re- Decorating" again. When I say redecorating i mean i take something that i love even if its ugly and re-purpose it. I give it new life. I compare my passion of giving a treasure that may be trash to someone else new life, just like my life before and after christ.
My new project is our courtyard. I have an old bench, and a few other odds and ins that are getting "re-decorated" for the courtyard. I still need a lot of mulch and a lot of plants but I promise to post pics of my work in progress soon. I hope these days never end.

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  1. that's great Lauren, i love redecorating too, I have a little obsession with moving things around. And I'm so happy it's spring too, I can feel your excitement. love your landscaping.


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