Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Yard Sale Treasures

One Man's trash is my Bliss!!!

so I'm on my way to run an errand and I get totally distracted by a Yard sale sign down the road from me....my two smallest children screaming in the back seat" yes a yard sale mommy turn the car around" ( so proud to be their mom, I have taught them well). off the beaten path we went. Here is a snap shot or two of what i found. then I will tell you how much I paid.....

OK ready for the final price for my bounty? ("I'm ready, I'm ready" -spongebob)


-yes, for all of it! I paid - .50 cents for the old chair( one of my many new redo projects in the future. -$1.00 for the antique chandelier (see close up shot... gorgeous and perfect for my old house!)

I also paid only .50 cents again for the wire basket/planter.

and my son got his own jeep (just like his Poppi (my daddy) I paid more than i wanted to but hey i got the power wheels minus battery for only $2.

Man i am not a patient girl by nature. but the more the holy spirit has led me to be more patient, the blessing sure have flown. I say this because I'm a instant gratification type. It has been so gratifying to yard sale and goodwill hunting to have this lesson taught to me. I have been able to find most of what I want for my house and what my kids want without giving into the debt trap to provide it for them.

I love to see how a little lesson in patience has created so much Bliss in my manor!!


  1. Lauren, these are awesome finds for so cheap!!! love the chair and chandelier and can't wait to see what you do to them!

    love your writing style too, you're so funny.

  2. I love your finds! You are so creative with stuff, I can picture it all finished in your house, and it looks really good!

  3. Ok, I'm retarded and I can't figure out the "Comment as" box. :)


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