Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Favorite T-shirt turned cute wall art

my Tweenager has some of the cutest tshirts from stores like aeropostale and American Eagle and I just love this one. well story on this shirt is that it keeps ending up in the laundry room.... and its still folded and clean... i asked" honey why arent you wearing this so cute shirt anymore and keep hiding it in the laundry?' tweenager says.... " ohhh mom your so not with it.... I dont wear cute stuff anymore"!!! ahhhhhh as if...... so I became the proud owner of a "too cute" Tee!

Supplies needed (all should be things found around your house... FREE DIY):

*old frame

*paint color of choice

*"cute" fav Tshirt

*trusty hot glue gun

*embelishments.... buttons,ribbons,chipboard cutouts, etc

I laid out the shirt as flat as possible. and took the back of frame and traced it on the solid portion of shirt ie... the extra spot below emblem wanting to frame.

My outlined background

ready to cutout.

Cut out the objects of choice on your shirt .

this is my layout with embelishments.... this is where you mix and match and really show off your creative side. I chose words that emphasize our family values. they are made out of chipboard that I already had from a scrapbooking kit.

Taaa DAaaa!

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  1. That is awesome...what a great idea for those clothes your baby grows out of way too fast too!

    PS Why wasn't that shirt cool anymore? I thought I was still cool and I would have wore it! ha ha!

  2. What a great idea! If I did that with shirts I end up with I could have a gallery of tee shirt designs!

  3. Fantastic idea! I'm going to have to flip through my son's closet. He needs some cool art for his walls. Thanks!


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