Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Okay first off I should explain the pictures.... cause there is always a story behind the obvious in this house. starting with the queen bee instigater : She is cold but she is the one who started the whole riot of "Mama, Mama, we want to play in the snow. mama, mama can we can we prety please oh pleassssseeeeee! Mama!!!" so after a search and rescue mission for hats, boots , gloves, etc. they have set out for the snow. The top right picture is of the view from our deck of the back yard. what a tranquil sight? It is so quiet, and calm untill I hear the girls down in the lower yard yelling "snowball fight". Awww the tranquility is over! our dog Sebastian loves loves loves the snow! he loves to roll around till he is covered in it. I think he thinks he is in the movie Snow Dogs. Now Audrey has been telling me for over a week" Mom I really need to make a ssnow angel because I'm an angel"... so today she got her wish! then like a goofball took her gloves off and froze her hands up.and that was then end to Audrey.s snow day.

As you can see Olivia and MacKezie made their own ramp to go down. They said "this is the best ride ever"! Trent and I stayed in where it is warm and cozy. The kids had enough of the snow ans came inside tied (woohoo) and ready for some of mama's Hot chocolate. I love Snow days because it's God's way of blessing you with free entertainment. As I end this blog this morning I think that Everyone should have a snowday and take a moment to listen to the snow Angels!

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  1. I love your remark: "God's way of blessing you with free entertainment"!

    What a great way to look at it! Of course, I don't consider it nearly as entertaining when I have to be the one out in it.... LOL


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