Friday, January 16, 2009

More snowing and Mowing

Ok all you people in the South I never want to hear you complain about your weather again unless it's like a Hurricane or something!!!! We have like Sub-zero temperatures, our poor fireplaces and Furnaces are working way too much over time and our Utility bills are going to put us all out on the streets! But my kids still insist on going out to play and Im not going to complain about fresh air for the kidos. Trent has never really been old enough to go out to enjoy the snow before and he absolutley loved it! I think he may have thought that his lawn mower magically turns into a snow blower when you can't seee the grass! Amazingly he stayed out side with daddy to play for a good half hour. and seriously have you seen the news... it's Cold out there! I also took the chance for some photo opps of some things in my yard that I thought was kinda neat that I will be able to look back on and remember this day exactly how it was. I was thinking in all this snow about sin and how even thru the ugly God's Grace covers us like snow. -PURE- White snow. So I challenged myself to think about the Grace in the snow even when the roads and pathways are so slickery and not so "Gracefull" ! (Kinda like my life)

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