Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dining Room Table

I was thinking how people always say "the Kitchen is the heart of the home". I disagree. In our home it's the Dining Room. The dining table is a vehicle for so much more than a blessed meal to eat. It is where crafts are created and messy projects are done. It's where books are read by Mimi. It is a make shift office for my very business - Like daddy when they visist. It has been the center piece for so,so, so many birthday parties and gatherings. It has been the back drop for many nights of friends, families, board games and sometimes Too much Wine. (Good Times) This table has been surrounded by love,tears,laughter,shared stories, secrets keeped,heartache spilled out, surprises, and so much encouragement. We never set "just enough" place settings. There is always a few extra "adopted family members" running through the house. This table is where many bible lessons and life lessons have been taught. But still It is so much more. It is a ministry to my family, our guests, myself.The Bible says "where two or more are gathered in my name, I AM there also". How cool is that to think that Christ is always at our Table. and to know that christ is there at my table... that makes my Dining Room Truly the Heart of our Home!
I look forward to these times and memories that will continue to flow through my dining room with friends and love ones. I ask you blogger friends and family "what room is the heart of your home "?and Can you see Christ hanging around in there with you?

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  1. I love your dining room table and hope to sit at it someday and share some of my family stories with your family, because yes it is the heart of the home. Love Lisa


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