Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Binky Bereavement

Ignore the baby turtle and focus on the annoying binky! Ok so it has been like weeks since Trent has had his binky "magically disappear" and today out of the blue he is throwing a huge king sized fit. Audrey comes running through the house like a wonderful big sister should do and proceeds to tell me that "Trent wants his binky and I told him I will go get him one". I told her no way we dont have any more. she says "yeah huh mama, they are on top of the fridge"! OMG what now I'm lying to a almost 5 year old? Man again I ask myself why do kids know more than we do? If you are wondering if I gave into the Binky fight.... I held strong.(and moved the binkys to the trash can!) Trent is mourning his binky with a very cute pouty face.

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