Monday, January 12, 2009

Stomach Flu Mess... Yuck!

Ok this weekend we got hit with the stomach flu. How is it that it's always like a chain reaction? One throws up and you just have a gut feeling (no pun intended) there will be more to come just not sure which one it will be.Who will be next? So needless to say the washin machine was in overtime with sheets, blankets, pillowcases,towels, etc. luckily when mom got sick ("what!!!? a mom CAn't get sick!) daddy was home to take care of me... What a man. I just am pondering today why it seems that some catch the bug and some do not,but we live in the same home and breath the same air. And as I was pondering this question I thought "why is it I always end up being one of the ones who is sick"?

Maybe I need some kind of "Super MAMA Vitamin". I will say however the perk of being sick was that I got to stay on the couch yesterday and watch my favorite football team (Pittsburgh) kill the Chargers uninterrupted!!! Can I have a Holla from my Pittsburgh Followers?!!!

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